Microdermabrasion Equipment Repair & Service

Repair, Service & Technical Support

Excellent Customer Service + Exceptional Technical Support

We are the leading repair center

We have built our reputation in the beauty industry for excellent customer service, exceptional quality and affordable machine prices.

Skin for Life has extended this service to our repair department. For the past 11 years we have developed a diverse team of technicians to withstand any challenge. This has built our reputation within the esthetic industry.

As machines age in the spa industry, many professionals seek affordability when repairing or servicing their machine. Skin for Life’s primary concern is the “Customer”.  We understand the licensed professional’s investment. Our responsibility is to help where we can by providing affordable service with a reasonable repair rate.

We service many different types of equipment, not all are Skin for Life machines. Here are few we have serviced successfully:

  • Light Touch
  • Edge System
  • Athena
  • Power Peel
  • Blue Diamond
  • Parisian Peel
  • Diamond Oxy Derm Fusion

As well as many Chinese Microdermabrasion Machines. There is still a huge influx of overseas microdermabrasion machines being sold on  Alibaba and Amazon. The longevity of these machines have a short lifespan and usually find their way in our repair center.

Skin for Life machines have been working in the esthetic industry for over 15 years. We manufacture quality and state of the art equipment that lasts.

Things you need to know

When looking for a machine repair center, licensed professionals want to know the cost, shipping rates and how long until they receive their equipment.

Skin for Life has the answers:

  • The Repair & Service Rate is $49.95 an hour + parts
  • We provide affordable shipping rates to our customers, when needed. If you do not have a box, we will ship one to you with a shipping label. It is that EASY!
  • However, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the machine’s safety through transit. We include shipping material with the shipping box, when needed

What to expect

  • When we receive equipment we perform an extensive check list of operations and parts. This provides us with the necessary information to share with our customer
  • We contact our customer and share all the details:
    • Repair & Part Cost
    • The time of completion
    • The guaranteed equipment warranty for parts and service of the equipment is 90-days
  • We receive approval from our customer before beginning the repair
  • If our customer does not approve the repair or service, the only cost to the customer is shipping. We never charge for an evaluation

To schedule your repair or service call Skin for Life to speak to one of our service technicians. Also you may complete a service questionnaire by clicking this link Service Inquiry.